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Monday, November 10, 2014

3 month update

Time flies... I had my 3 month post op appointment last Wednesday. There are still days that my post surgery time seems like a lifetime ago, and others it really WAS just 3 months ago. Lately it seems I can't shut my brain and thoughts off, but yet I can't seem to get them into a blog. I guess it's best summed up by saying that I let shit bother me, that shouldn't have. I had a bad day last week thanks to those things, but I really have amazing friends who made my day so much better. And I hit a raccoon. That was the end of THAT day.

Life seems to be a lot of working out, working, sleeping, hanging w/ friends, and kind of repeating that. I follow my sleeve blindly now, too. I've stopped trying to figure it out, figure out trends. She leads, I follow. And so far, we're doing really awesome.

1 week before surgery vs. 3 mos post op (79 lbs lost - 64 since surgery, 15 in the month leading up - hello stress!)

And ... 3 mos "head shot"

I'm feeling great. I've started running intervals and training for the upcoming Shamrock 8k. Really, 5 freaking miles? Lovely. But, I'll do it... I have amazing friend who will be by my side. 

Tomorrow is Veteran's Day, and I'm proud of all the Veteran's in my life. They all continue to amaze me, and I'm grateful that they've all served so we can all have the freedoms we choose to enjoy. There is, and always seems to be that one Veteran on my mind, more so as we lead up to tomorrow. While it's far from perfect, I hope he knows that I'm so very proud of him, despite the not-so-perfectness.   

I wish this update was more exciting - the thoughts swirling around will continue to keep me up at night, until I can get them out, I guess. 


  1. Looking awesome Meg! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Short or long, I still love reading your blogs! Love you. Mom