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Friday, October 3, 2014

8 Weeks

Today marks 8 weeks (plus one day) since my Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery. Most days, it seems like it was either just yesterday, or a lifetime ago. I feel an oddly zen-like most days. Work is stressful, this whole process post-VSG is a learning experience, but none of it bothers me. Even the bad days aren't that bad. A lot of negativity seems to have been left at the doors of the hospital the day I walked in. It's weird - but so true. I wish I could explain it, but my only explanation is that for once, I decided it was ok to be selfish and take care of me, and no one else.

So ... 2 months. I'm back at the gym w/ Joe, and loving it. So far, 2x a week, but I'm hoping for 3x a week by November ...or so. On top of that, the running training has to start sometime soon. I can't lie, I'm dreading it. I hate running. I really, really, hate running. I guess I'm going to have to figure out how to like it for 6 months and an 8k, huh?

The big question I'm asked ALL.THE.TIME is "how much have you lost?" followed by "how much do you want to lose?" At this time, unless I volunteer the info, I'm not answering those questions. It is the ONLY question I find incredibly rude. I understand it was my choice to make my journey public, but that doesn't mean I don't find certain things rude. The numbers on the scale also, don't always show the actual inches lost, either. Now, there ARE people I'll tell and share the loss with, because they are genuinely interested in the entire process, not just the numbers on the scale - and they are champions for me. But I can assure you, if you ask me in a public forum, I won't answer.

That being said, yesterday I got dressed to go to the chiro... and didn't realize JUST how big my clothes were... oops!

Every day, I learn something new. Lately it's been that my sleeve (Lucille... as she was affectionately named in a bad auto-corrected text to my bff) really, really likes protein drinks in the morning, or really anytime she's unsettled. I on the other hand? Really, really don't like protein drinks. The sleeve is slowly winning this battle. And by slowly, I mean ... I'm grudgingly opening a protein drink in the morning and drinking it throughout the day as I need to. But it's all a learning process. The other day I went to eat some rotisserie chicken - which I eat often. Tried one bite.... gagged it down and gave up. Got a cheese stick, some marinara sauce, and some cashews. Tried a bite of cheese...no go. Warmed it up...no go. So... cashews (and protein drink), it was. Dinner that night? Non-rotisserie chicken, and it was fine. She's finicky some days!

I also learned yesterday at the chiropractor ...that since I met my deductible and my out of pocket max, I no longer have co-pays for the rest of the year. SCORE! My neck has been a trouble spot for the past few months...so w/ no co-pays, I'll be going in for regular adjustments and sessions w/ their PT/massage therapist. Yes please. They also told me a TENS unit and orthotics are covered. I'm likely going to see an ortho for orthotics - mostly b/c I have some fun, fun bone spurs on my heel and Achilles that always seem to flare up when I run... but still. I'm rather excited at this news!

So ... 8 weeks out...I'm feeling good. My energy is back - it came back around week 5.5/6. I hit a stall in weight loss for 2 weeks that was frustrating but getting back to the gym kicked that into gear quickly. I should amend that. I feel GREAT. I really do. I find myself getting tired a bit more easily in the evenings, but that's ok. I'm running on 500 calories a day or less, I'd say I'm doing pretty good!

We're headed into fall in the Beach - my fave time of year. I love the cooler weather and everything fall. It also means it's beading weather again and last weekend, I made some new pieces! So excited about that! My fave piece... I made it for my dear friend Melinda who's been by my side through this whole journey... and ummmm...had to make myself one!

The last thing I want to address. Please, please don't feel sorry for me. Please don't act like I'm missing out on ANYTHING b/c I can only eat a few ounces at a meal. This choice, when I finally made it, was the best choice. It took me years to get here, but this time I knew it was right. I was totally at peace with the decision. I never once thought about backing out. I knew all the risks. Even the day I signed my consent form with all the "possible complications", including death, I knew I was making the right choice. In pre-op, I had a total sense of peace. In fact, from the day I decided I knew I was making the right choice. Just b/c I don't eat as much as you, maybe ever again, doesn't mean I'm missing out. It means I'm NOT missing out...on life.

I'll leave you with .... Day of surgery vs. 8 weeks out!

For reference... Day of, 1 mos, 8 weeks...


  1. Great post Meg! Keep up the hard work and please keep writing. You inspire me!

  2. I just followed you on twitter but was caught up by the first blog post. I've just revised from a band (10/10) to a sleeve (9/29/14). I've always kept my numbers GENERALLY to myself. I divulge them when it pertains to a discussion (about my metabolism etc) but it isn't anyone's business unless I make it their business. Something that's always been a point of discomfort for me is the reasoning behind why we have these surgeries. Number one is health. Insurance wouldn't pay for it if it wasn't a health issues, the gravy, the added benefit on the side is how we look, so why the need to tell me how cute or adorable I am when I lose a few pounds astounds me. It's really nice, but it isn't why I did this, asl me how I FEEL. I was cute to begin with. I got lynched practically at a large support site over a post I made about this ... I ended up leaving.

    While waiting to be operated on, the OR nurse asked me if I was excited. I replied I couldn't wait to...and she interrupted me with "I know, wear all the cute clothes." I cocked my head in surprise and said "No, I was hoping to ease my sick kidneys and lose my blood pressure medicine." It runs very deep.

    Your skin glows, and hopefully your back and feet will have less pain. I loved what you said about not missing out. I get that. I feel like, maybe, I finally will stop missing out.

    Sorry for the novel of a post. I have to feed Frankengullet, my sleeve.

    1. Hi Chrissy - I'm so sorry I missed this! My twitter is pretty boring but you can email me at Meg@Sheschecking out.com and I'm happy to give you my personal FB :)

      I'm not ashamed of the loss, or the numbers as they drop, but I feel like it's something *I* should share b/c I want to, not b/c someone asked. I actually DID share on the blog today. Baby steps :) I'm amazed at how diff I look in side by side pics, but more so, how I feel. I lunged w/ weights almost equivalent to my loss this week. WOW, it was heavy! And I did that before w/out weights, just the weight on me. It was eye opening.

      I am actually dreading the clothes. I went through my closet and have almost nothing. And what I did keep won't fit for much longer. Eventually maybe clothes will be fun, but right now...I just see $$$$$ in my mind!

      Thanks for the lovely comments - I'm learning to take care of me ... it's a new concept, but I think I'm ok with it! Can't wait to see further comments from you and follow your progress!