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Friday, October 17, 2014

10 weeks...

10 weeks.... it seems like a lot longer than just 10 weeks ago I had surgery. It's still very surreal at this point. I have to do side by side pics to realize the actual changes going on. And when I do that, I'm actually shocked. I also realized that until this journey started, I only put up pics of my jewelry. Odd.

So this happened....

Outside of that... life is kind of just...moving along. I've come to the reality the ONLY med I can take for stomach acid issues is Prilosec. That was a fun learning curve. And by fun, I mean it wasn't at all, but hey, lesson learned.

Every day is still a learning experience, and not always when it comes to my Sleeve. Learning how to live without feeling like I'm failing at something. Learning how to live for me, learning how to be happy, truly happy.  Learning that the past shouldn't define me, and that too is just a learning tool, it's nothing to live for and from.

I'm also constantly reminded that perspective is everything. At the gym the other day, after sharing my latest 4lb drop for the week, and the total, Joe decided we needed a pic of me doing lunges w/ the total lost. (66lbs... but you can't really do that w/ 5lb increments in weights, so we went w/ 70lbs). I picked up 2-35lb dumbbells to lunge w/ and said "OMG Joe, this is freaking heavy..." and proceeded to warm up with a few lunges while he was doing something. I had to put the weights back down before he came back..... Then, we did the lunges, he took a pic and I re-racked them. I said "those were freaking heavy" and it hit me. DUH... I just shed about that much. Holy crap. I guess it really WAS heavy... Also.... I need new workout clothes as it looks like I'm about wearing a dress in this pic. Right.

People always ask what I eat, or how much I eat. I admit, on that front I'm pretty boring lately. I'm kind of stuck in a bit of a funk - mostly b/c food isn't fun. It's fuel. And I'm learning I can't do bland any longer. I'm always spicing things up. Sometimes a bit TOO much - that's only a problem when you realize you can't drink w/ your food. I have to wait for 30 mins after eating to drink. AWESOME.... But - look for a blog post soon for recipes and my "hacks" on good stuff. I think I've pretty much convinced my gf to try out gluten free, low carb, non-dairy whoopie pies with me. I dunno, it sounds good. What that really means is we'll make them, I'll have one, and leave her with the rest.

Next week is my first vacation in a long time. And not a working vacation in Vermont. I'm getting on a plane WITHOUT any laptops...and going to visit friends in South Florida for an extended weekend. I can't wait! (Sorry Mom & Dad, I love visiting, but ya know... there's no beach and warm weather there!) I think I might have clothes to wear on said vacation. They fit last week. Wonder what next week will bring, hah!

So...that's 10 weeks. Time is flying. I'm learning. Life is good. Now ...for that running thing. Blah!


  1. So proud of you Megan! Doing such a great job... and yes, new work out clothes please! ;)

  2. I'm not upset you aren't coming to Vermont for your vacation. It's just that you didn't ask me to go to South Florida with you! LOL Doing Great! Love you!!

  3. You are such an inspiration, Megan! I love seeing your success and how well you are doing.