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Sunday, September 7, 2014

One Month Check In

Wow, it's been one month (plus a few days) since I had surgery. Time really does fly. Some days I actually wonder if I'll feel "normal" again, or if this is the "new normal" and I just have to go through it with a smile and grace. Other days, I feel pretty great. Today, not a great day. Yesterday wasn't so much either. I was feeling good good into the week and had a busy week ... Worked all week, went to see Kings of Leon Wednesday night (and got home well past my bedtime!), hung out w/ a friend Thursday, and attended a fundraiser on Friday night (in the heat/humidity). Pretty sure Friday put me over. I drank plenty of water during the day and quite a bit during the event, but I'm still feeling the affects of being a bit dehydrated today, 2 days later.

It's all a learning experience. I think every day, I learn...or figure out something new. Yesterday I felt "off" - with a bit of an upset stomach. Although lately I've realized "upset" is really "feed me" most of the time. Hung out w/ my gf in the pool (Finally cleared for the pool!)... and was just blah. Got home, and pretty much went to bed. This morning, more blah feeling, and I realized that the upset stomach feeling was more than likely the gurgling of stomach acid ... oh right, and I hadn't taken Prilosec in 2 days. Note to self. Let's not do that again.

Friday was my 1 most post op appt. Cleared for the gym, cleared for more foods.... and doing extremely well. I'm already planning on blowing the 3 mos goal set by my PA for loss out of the water. I like to overachieve, what can I say?

Lots of people have asked exactly what Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) is, and my suggestion is to look online for a good description. However, I have 2 pics that illustrate things a bit better.

This is the procedure, in an illustration:

And this - shows the size of the bougie (tube used to form the new stomach, or sleeve), that my surgeon used. The 2nd pen down, the size of the pen cap, is approximately the size of the tube used to form my new sleeve. The doctor would have stapled around it, but gives the general gist of the size. Hint. It's SMALL!

I feel like there's a lot to say, but yet... there aren't any words. It's day to day ... learning, figuring it out, figuring life out even. I'm grateful for friendships, and grateful for friendships I never expected to blossom. Some days it feels like I left everything that was going on in my little world at some imaginary door the day of surgery and they're still at that door. Oddly enough, I don't want to deal with them still, so maybe they should just stay at that door.

Oh and lastly - and exciting for me - it's time for a blog redesign! Look for it soon!!!