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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Let It Rain

Let it Rain. Let it pour.
Let these skeletons darken my door
Lay the past in the graveyard with things they cant hold me no more
Breathe in deep. Let it out.
Wash the bitterness out of your mouth.
Threes no room left for darkness, when you’re filled with the light it comes out.
- Zac Brown Band 

In April, I was wondering where March went. Now...I'm wondering where all the time went! It's almost the end of June! Thankfully times moves fast... (I'm thankful for that for a number of reasons right now).

So a recap is in order, as best I can:

  • As of today I'm medically cleared for surgery. I had to have another mammogram. I'm grateful my insurance covers it 100%, no matter the reason or time, since I had my baseline in 2013. 
  • I have 2 more nutrition visits w/ my doctor. One next week, and one the week of July 14th. 
  • I've spoken with the case manager that approve my surgery, at my insurance company. Since I have a surgery date. (Oh yeah, I have a surgery date, August 11!!!!), and I'm, in her works, "extremely prepared and ready", she's allowing me to do my last nutrition visit a week early, so we can get the info to her so she can approve. She also told me that "with all certainty" she sees no reason she won't be approving me for surgery. It's all kind of real!! 
Now? It's a waiting game. And time, she flies. There's all sorts of other stuff going on, and all sorts of stuff that will be happening around my surgery that have me with mixed emotions, but it will all sort itself out. The situation is 1000000% out of my hands, so all I can do is smile, nod, put on a brave face, and say lots of prayers. (Cryptic, but I just found out the news today, still processing). 

So, how did I get a surgery date a month plus sooner than we thought? I didn't want to wait. I really did NOT want to wait. I'd like to have surgery RIGHT NOW if I could.  So I started looking at the calendar. I knew when my last nutrition visit would be. I knew how long it would take to get back approval, and I knew I had to see if my parents were available to come down in August vs. September. And I also had to make sure I could take that time off work. The moon, stars, tides and everything aligned. My parents were available. My boss was more than happy to let me take time off in August. I called my surgeon's admin (she's really so awesome) and gave her my thoughts - and it worked. Perfectly even. 

So that's my recap. I'm having surgery in 52 days!!!! 

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