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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Gonna take every chance I'm given. Feel the wind through the open plains. Freedom is a gift, get livin. Go chase that sunset highway down. You got to get uncaged! - Zac Brown Band

One of my faves, I admit it! I love ZBB, as well. I saw them in 2012, I got to take my Dad w/ me, a few months after his stroke. We had amazing seats and it was a blast singing along w/ my Dad, rocking out to ZBB. This fall, I got to see them again w/ friends, and it is still one of my fave shows. 

Anyway, 2014 is a new year and this year? It's all (and I do mean ALL) about me. I'm done w/ selfish people in my life taking all I give, and more, and draining me. There are lots and lots of changes coming this year, and I couldn't be more ready for them. (Vague yes, but judgmental people judge, and right now? Not even remotely ready for it!). All I know is that I'm ready for this year, I'm surrounded by the most awesome friends a girl could ask for both locally, and all over the country. So many people in MY corner, and it feels awesome. 

I got to kick 2014 with friends, but made it home early enough to ring in the new year with my Mama. She spent 3 weeks w/ me while Dad and their contractor were working on demoing their bathroom and building a new one. I loved having her here, and can't wait for another extended visit! 

Most of my free time has been spent making jewelry, and getting ready to launch my Etsy Shop: M Kimberley M Designs

You can find me on Facebook too! I love the creative outlet, it's such a relaxing "hobby". Plus, it gives me time to hang out w/ my best girlfriend in VA, while we create pieces together! 

Hmmm what else. Oh right. The purple hair. I have an awesome stylist that indulges my whims, and even suggests even MORE awesome ideas. It started w/ wanting a purple streak on the side/underneath, and we ended up w/ 2 steaks, and purple in the (new) bangs. LOVE it! 

So that's my update. More to come, soon! 

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  1. Yay! So nice to see your blog! Hope there is more to come! And I love the purple hair, when mine gets longer, I want to add some pink (of course).