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Friday, August 9, 2013

Ten Things

This is originally from December 18th, 2009. I had ended a long, long relationship a month before our wedding, and was in the process of applying for and interviewing for the job I currently have, and was living in Omaha. It's amazing how much has changed, and yet, how much hasn't.

Doing this exercise made me think. I love it when that happens...

Ten things I wish I could say to 10 different people:
1. I forgive you every day - I still do, and you know this. 

2. Thank you for sharing the time we did. This still stands, to some degree - I learned a lot, how's that for positive? 

3. You reminded me who I am, what I want/need… I’ve probably never said that to you, and I probably never will, but thank you.  I did tell you.... and then walked away, even when you asked me not to. 

4. I miss you every single day. I think about you every single day. I still miss you, everyday, Gram. Everyday. 

5. You are the best friend I could ever ask for, and more. Neither time nor distance will ever be too much for us and I’m grateful every single day to call you my best friend. My BFF will always be my BFF, and I'm blessed to have so many other amazing women in my life, as well. Blessed beyond belief. 

6. I always wonder “what if”, maybe it’s best that way. I still wonder, all the time. Distance is a bitch. 

7. I hope you find your true happiness, you have to follow your heart though, it’s time to learn how to. I'm so very happy to see that this HAS changed, that you are following your heart and finding happiness in your surroundings! 

8. You are an amazing woman, strong, beautiful and inspirational. This is so many women in my life! 

9. I honestly wonder if you even KNOW that something isn’t right. Everyone else seems to. I'm glad you realized it wasn't right...and found happiness!

10. I’m glad we found each other again. How ironic this would be. I moved 20 mins away and had a fun-filled 3 years...and now they are in FLA. Still as close as ever!!! 

And a few extra new ones: 

You give me a run for my money, pretty much every day. One day, you'll learn to let your guard down, but it will be far, far too late. 

Thank you for pushing me past limits and teaching me that limits only exist to be pushed past, sometimes. 

I am forever grateful for your friendship. There are no words to express this! 

Nine Things About Myself:

1. I love Sharpies
2. I have an irrational fear of bridges getting better..moving to HRVA, bad idea for a bridge hater! 
3. I think too much
4. I’m stubborn
5. I love my career
6. I miss VT every day
7. I love a great game of blackjack I should play this more often...no casinos here! 
8. Omaha has been good to me Omaha served it's purpose. VB is too. 
9. I have baby-fever. Bad. Oye...not any longer! 

Eight Ways To Win My Heart:

1. Make me laugh.
2. Be yourself, no matter what
3. Be confident, but don’t cross the line
4. Brush the hair from my face
5. Ask me about my family
6. Like me in spite of it all this should be #1, always! 
7. Remind me who I am 
8. Be open … to whatever may happen 

Seven Things That Cross My Mind a Lot:

1. My family
2. My friends
3. Vermont
4. My career
5. How truly blessed I am
6. My Grandma
7. Vegas 
The gym!!! 

Six Things I Do Before I Fall Asleep: Routine much? Same now.... 

1. Blow out my candles not so much anymore
2. Turn on the TV
3. Turn out all the lights
4. Find the cat
5. Pray
6. Breathe
Plug in the phone/tablet and play a game of some sort

Five People Who Mean a Lot:

1. My Parents
2. Lee Ann 
3. Amanda I haven't talked to her since this... :( 
4. My Grandparents
5. Friends 

Four Things You're Wearing Right Now: Ok well... it's summer in VB! 

1. Jeans (that are now way too big!) Shorts
2. Purple Shirt Tank
3. Vest Glasses
4. Glasses Does a hair clip count? 

Three CDs/Playlists That You Listen to Often (Currently):
1. Kenny Chesney Radio (Pandora)
2. Kid Rock Radio (Pandora)
3. Dave Matthews Anything Pandora! 

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die: I guess some things never change! 

1. Love with all I have, unconditionally 
2. Live life to the fullest, without regret

One Confession:
1. I stayed for the wrong reasons All, all the wrong ones. Without a doubt, not a tiny single doubt about this! 

Two regrets: These stay the same. But if I hadn't admitted it sooner, I wouldn't have had someone to run from. Funny how life works. 
1. Not admitting it sooner
2. Running ... 

Conclusion: This will always be my motto! 
And you learn that you really can endure you really are strong you really do have worth and you learn with every goodbye, you learn...

Now it's your turn - lets see yours! Link back here in comments and to the blog!! 

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