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Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Only Constant, Is Change

I have touched my blog numerous times. There are plenty of posts awaiting me in my draft folder. I've thought about what to do, where to go. I started this because I'd left a world I was building with someone else. It evolved into my workout blog and then... it got stagnant. Meanwhile, life is a whirlwind all around me, and none of it seems exciting enough, interesting enough, or lacks the time to make it to my blog. Trying to change that. Trying, being the key word.

So what's new? Ummmmm. Where to start?

  • New personal trainer. Joe at Straight Edge Fitness. Joe is just.... awesome. More on that later. (In another blog)
  • Work ... that's not new. It just keeps going and getting busier and changing and challenges arise, and I still love what I do. 
  • My friend Kat moved to Miami. Boo. And My Sammy and Nicky and Alex and Robby and Zachery too. Stupid Coast Guard. I'm sure a trip to Miami will be in the works once hurricane season is over. 
  • Took a vacation, a REAL vacation, with no work, no work laptop no nothing (ok, I think I answered 5 email over 5 days!) with my friend Donna. I loved showing her Vermont, the family and relaxing. It was so amazingly relaxing. I have pics. Somewhere. 
  • Oh and then there's this little thing going on .... I will be clicking "submit" on my application to Old Dominion University this week. My request for transcripts from high school and college have been submitted and at this point, I have no reason not to do this. I'm going for a general Business Management degree - minor, if any, unknown. I'm excited, nervous and thinking I'm a little crazy, all at the same time. 
So...that's what's going on here at She's Checking Out. I'm ready to evolve the blog to something else, but I don't know how that will shake out. Maybe I really should just right about the hilarity that is my dating life? 

Leave a comment - I love hearing from new and old friends! 


  1. I want to hear about dating! And college, and I didn't know you didn't have a bachelors already. Apparently I'm a little behind...

  2. Yes. Dating life hilarity, please.