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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Biting My Tongue

This morning I woke feeling rather refreshed. A nice walk last night (ok, it was freaking humid, helllloooo Mother Nature, it's October, a little fall weather would be ok!), and a yum dinner (roaster chicken, mashed potatoes w/ a bit of butter substitute and chix stock, veggies) capped off my evening. I avoided the debates, although I'm pretty sure if I had actually paid attention to Twitter, I could have gotten a great recap.

I didn't sleep GREAT but I attribute that to the 203982340938 bottles of water I drank yesterday. Like most mornings, I start my day w/ the team at GMA (#TeamRobin!), and I pull my work email down, browse Gmail, Twitter and Facebook, from bed. As I was browsing FB, I found myself reading a post from someone I trusted immensely when I started my fitness/workout journey. At one time, I thought of this person as a champion for me, someone who was in my corner, and here was reading words "I thought to myself WHO WANTS TO BE CALLED THE OPPOSITE? WHO WANTS TO BE CALLED THE 3-LETTER F WORD?" Uh...3-letter "F" word? Really? Maybe it strikes a chord in me b/c I AM that  "3-letter F word", but I think it's more that this was someone who helped me START my journey and here they were, unable to say (type) the word fat and thinking it would be a tragedy to be called that horrible word. It was all I could do not to reply, b/c I knew that it would probably not be taken well (uh, ya know), and it would start something I honestly didn't want to get into. 

It still doesn't sit well with me - but that's ok. Not my loss. I'm doing me, they can do them. And doing me means eating better and working out again like I used to. I even dug out the Costco sized bottle of ibuprofen that I know I'm going to need. 

On a similar note, I decided to walk away recently from a toxic, draining friendship. I think I've known for a while that was the right choice, but it took a while to get to that point. It was a hard choice, agonizing. I pray daily for this friend, but I know in my heart of hearts, walking away right now was best for me, and I'm the only one that matters right now (to me). I feel lighter without the weight of having to choose my words, or, deciding to say what's on my mind and getting shitty responses back. I'm sad b/c I don't even think it's noticed that I chose this, but as I just said. I'm doing me. I'm blessed with amazing friends. Inspiring friends. (and since we're talking about inspiring, check out my friend Christa! She's a runner and has stage 4 metastatic breast cancer ... and THAT doesn't stand in her way.... I really have NO good excuses!)

Lastly, I'll leave you with a pic of my Best Friend and I from my last trip to Vermont. I don't look good in it, but I don't care, it's Bevy & Stella (our nicknames ...that came from a lovely autocorrected text, she's Bevy, I'm Stella!). Her blog today made me cry... again! 


  1. We may be the FAT but at least we have our teeth! One "F" word that we are is FABULOUS! Love you girl, can't do this life with out you!