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Sunday, March 4, 2012


I was catching up on Twitter tonight and read a tweet from Chelsea (MotoWife on Twitter) that had the hash tag of #ThisWeekIWillNot - and I immediately loved it! So - Here is MY own #ThisWeekIWillNot List

This Week I Will Not: 

  • Read work email during non-work hours 
  • Drink less than 100oz of water per day
  • Check my phone every time the light flashes (it's usually on mute during working hours and I never turn on the sounder after)
  • Spend less than 20 minutes on the treadmill/running/walking
  • Shop on Amazon (or anywhere but the grocery store and Costco - hey, cat litter is on sale with a coupon starting on the 8th, don't judge!)
Follow me on Twitter @MegsCheckingOut for an update during the week! 

What will YOU do for #ThisWeekIWillNot?? 


  1. I already have a list going for next week and the week after, from reading this and comments on Facebook.

    I LOVE 'spend less than 20 minutes on . . . '
    I might DIE if i didn't shop online. . .

  2. The UPS guy, and the FedEx guy are starting to be my best friends... Damn Amazon Prime!

    The treadmill is the bane of my existence lately. I have a mental block - but I just HAVE to do it!! Can't wait to see next week's list!

  3. I love it!!! Run walk outside no treadmill!!

  4. Sadly Christa - I do so much better on the treadmill for running. Mostly b/c it's intervals, I think, but I really suck when I'm outside, if I'm trying to run. Lately anyway. Hoping that changes soon!!