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Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a mind game....

It's all a mind game, I'm starting to realize. I can give up... or I can just do it. If you've followed my FB, you know that my Grandfather had a fall just over a year ago, subsequent spinal surgery (C2) and was in a rehab facility for a number of weeks - and had a trach. At first, there was question if he'd ever walk again, or well enough not to need a wheelchair. But he's a stubborn man, and pushed himself as much as he could to get back to where he needed to be; walking. One day, his new doc took his trach out...and voila, he could breathe. This was what he needed... he's walking, he's in his shop working around, he's out and about. Granted maybe a bit slower, and with a cane; but at 83, I think he's entitled to slow down. The other day he did a mile in 40mins on the treadmill.

While I beam with utter pride, I also have the thought in my head "if Gramps can do this, WTF is MY problem??" So with that... I'm vowing to run/walk/crawl/cry through at least 1.5 miles a day (and goodness, more when he starts doing more!), and getting it in. #NoExcuses.

It's all a mind game. My body is stronger than my mind most days. So I'll push through...and I'll succeed!

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