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Sunday, February 26, 2012

12 Weeks...That's all ... 12 Weeks

Clarity and Resolve - my 2 new favorite words. Mostly... I think, because I FEEL them. I'm addicted to Pinterest - this isn't news - but today, while browsing friends boards, I saw the pic below. 12 weeks...that's all.

Starting tomorrow (Monday, Feb 27) starts my 12 weeks. Since Mr. Pain took out all scales from the gym, I'm going to go on measurements and how I feel. (Not gonna lie, I'll find a scale... but I vow not to look at it for 12 weeks - at the end!)

In that 12 weeks, I vow to blog my workouts and new recipes. It's just 12 weeks, right?


  1. How did that picture of my body get on pinterest??
    I can't wait to hear about/see what what you do!!

  2. I love this. Now that I'm settled in VA- I'm reading to kick my ass into gear. 4 weeks sounds like forever, but then I think back to how fast my 40 week pregnancy flew by. See you on the beach in 12 weeks!