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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 1... of 90

Day 1 workout was Mr. Pain's #The18Legs. See pic. It speaks for itself! (I'm pretty sore today.... )

Sunday, February 26, 2012

12 Weeks...That's all ... 12 Weeks

Clarity and Resolve - my 2 new favorite words. Mostly... I think, because I FEEL them. I'm addicted to Pinterest - this isn't news - but today, while browsing friends boards, I saw the pic below. 12 weeks...that's all.

Starting tomorrow (Monday, Feb 27) starts my 12 weeks. Since Mr. Pain took out all scales from the gym, I'm going to go on measurements and how I feel. (Not gonna lie, I'll find a scale... but I vow not to look at it for 12 weeks - at the end!)

In that 12 weeks, I vow to blog my workouts and new recipes. It's just 12 weeks, right?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Training

In honor of my friend Christa at Livin' a Little Life, here's my last workout for Training Tuesday. I'm not really training for ANYTHING, but yesterday's workout was all it was cracked up to be, and then some. I missed #LegDay in a big way - I love the burn, the powerful feeling of pushing through exercises I never thought I'd be doing, plus my knee has been a little iffy and I know I need to build up my quads to help stabilize. I hadn't done a full leg day since Mid-November.... (About halfway through abs yesterday I realized it was too late to back out, I had to be FULLY committed to it).

Here is yesterday's workout:
#18Minute Leg Workout: 
All sets are 30 seconds long, with no more than 30 second rest in between
Crunches X2 (with 9# medicine ball)
Bicycles X2
Goblet Squats X3 (35# dumbbell)
Romanian Deadlifts X2 (30# dumbbells)
Leg Curls X2 (Machine - 65#)
Frog Squats X2 (HOLY SHIT!)
Wall Sits X2 (Modified from orig to work on rehabbing knee - was Walking lunges)
Leg Press X2 (270# - Modified from orig - was step-ups)
Calf Raises X3 - 140# 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a mind game....

It's all a mind game, I'm starting to realize. I can give up... or I can just do it. If you've followed my FB, you know that my Grandfather had a fall just over a year ago, subsequent spinal surgery (C2) and was in a rehab facility for a number of weeks - and had a trach. At first, there was question if he'd ever walk again, or well enough not to need a wheelchair. But he's a stubborn man, and pushed himself as much as he could to get back to where he needed to be; walking. One day, his new doc took his trach out...and voila, he could breathe. This was what he needed... he's walking, he's in his shop working around, he's out and about. Granted maybe a bit slower, and with a cane; but at 83, I think he's entitled to slow down. The other day he did a mile in 40mins on the treadmill.

While I beam with utter pride, I also have the thought in my head "if Gramps can do this, WTF is MY problem??" So with that... I'm vowing to run/walk/crawl/cry through at least 1.5 miles a day (and goodness, more when he starts doing more!), and getting it in. #NoExcuses.

It's all a mind game. My body is stronger than my mind most days. So I'll push through...and I'll succeed!