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Sunday, October 17, 2010


I'm song-less today! Not really - but I can't think of anything fitting. I've been lax at keeping up the blog lately, but I guess that's what happens when life gets in the way. I'm going with bullet points for this one ...

  • Work... work work work. WORK! I've been busy. It's been nuts. Taking on new hotels, bigger accounts, handling accounts for a coworker that's on vacation, and my own hotels that are needing things. I can say without a doubt that with all the trials and tribulations as of late with work, I LOVE my job. I love my team, my director, everything. I've never been so satisfied with a job. Every day is new and challenging, but I wouldn't give it up. There are some days that frustrate me beyond belief and I actually thought about leaving the business momentarily, but what else would I do? I love what I do! 
  • Travel ... And work. I was lucky enough to head to DC for work a few weeks ago to have a wonderful, albeit brief, team meeting. I love my coworkers - amazing, all of them! We took a Segway tour of the city in the evening. I can say I've never been as stunned at the beauty of a city as I was of DC at night. (Never mind that I want my own Segway!) I can't wait to go back, and go back I will over and over! I really need to start posting pics on here... I think about it in the moment, and then forget about it. 
  • Travel... for me! I'm heading to Vermont is a few days (2 days and a wake-up, but who's counting?!). I can't wait. I need a vacation. I need a getaway. I'm actually pretty sure I'm leaving my work laptop here at home. Shocking if you know me! (I really don't want to check a bag and I can't figure out how to make room for it, but I REALLY need the break!) I'm also heading home for Thanksgiving and Christmas and trying to fit a trip to Vegas in the middle of it all. 
  • The Gym ... what you really come here for! As of the 1st of Oct (or thereabouts) I was officially down 30lbs. I didn't do measurements - so I'm waiting for my November measurements. Still loving it. Still not loving running, but it is what it is. I need to find some new running motivation. I asked for Billy's "leg workout" and I must caution "be careful what you ask for". I've never been so challenged - physically & mentally - in my life that I can remember. (Ok well, I have, but in a short time frame, not like this!). It was hard - and I knew it was going to be. But this was HARD. squats, dead lifts, extensions, calf raises and the butt buster. I know there was more in there but to be honest, I think I've blocked it out of my mind. I HURT after - for a few days. The next day just sitting was painful. I may or may not have pulled up a stool to the counter in my kitchen to work out. Maybe. I went to the gym that night though for cardio. I'm still a little tender - but going back for more tomorrow. At this point, all I can think is "holy crap... when this is all "over" and I'm running for my life in a freaking marathon - I'm going to look good!" And that feeling, dear readers.... is priceless. So is the fact that I now need new bras and underwear, and soon, new jeans. Putting on a pair of jeans that didn't fit 6 weeks ago and now are loose was awesome too. I won't lie - it's not easy every day. I realize that I need to become more automated in my meals and take the time to prep lunches/dinners/menus. (on a side note, I've really freaking been craving a cupcake - but won't have one!). I'm learning my weakness isn't sweet (I keep, oddly, Sour Patch Kids on hand for that - a few of those and I'm cured), but salty. So when I'm back from vacation, I'm going to be baking ... homemade crackers, my own baked sweet potato chips, and also some whole wheat pancakes or waffles that I can freeze and pop in the micro or toaster for breakfast. 
I'm sure there's more I'm missing (I'm seeing someone, diving my time between him, work, gym and life and I find myself short on time), but I'm loving life and loving living life. Everything happens how it's supposed to, when it's supposed to. Along with getting my menus down and automated, I really do need to find a church when I get back. I feel it's a "missing piece".

Stay tuned for vacation tales hopefully ... the new puppy in my parents life promises to keep me busy as well as my best friend and son and our shopping adventures. I'll be coming back with new hair (darker red, and CURLS!) and I'm thinking a new refreshed outlook on things. I'm looking forward to stepping it up in all avenues and checking out some Zumba and kettlebell classes. It's a long road, but wow, it's getting good!