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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drift Away

Drift Away - Uncle Kracker

And when my mind is free, you know a melody can move me, and when I'm feeling blue the guitar's coming through to soothe me, Thanks for the joy that you're given me, I want you to know I believe in your song. Your rythm and rhyme and harmony you've helped me along, makin' me strong. Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away.  

Music is where it's at in my life most of the time. I listen to Pandora all day every day at work. I have a robust, diverse iPod playlist, and I'm willing to listen to most anything someone suggests to me. I find that hard, angry music is great for running. Slower, but with a good beat helps me in my weight circuit training. Slower is better with lifting - so anything too upbeat gets me in trouble. I need to put together a new playlist for running though. Maybe this weekend I'll work on it.

I keep meaning to write about my workouts as a few people have asked - so here goes. Monday, Wed and Friday are cardio for warm up and weight circuit days, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are running/cardio days. Although I'm thinking about taking Saturday's off and going to Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday. running plan.

Cardio/Weight Circuit:
  • 20 mins cardio (treadmill or the evil elliptical)
  • Core Workout - I vary this up between all of these, usually 3-4 exercise, and I do them twice. Reps in parentheses. The 1st 3 work the upper abs, the last 3, the lower abs.
    • Medicine Ball twists - side to side seated twists w/ a 6-7lb medicine ball (25)
    • Crunches (25)
    • Sit-ups with 6-7lb medicine ball (25)
    • Taps - laying on back, knees bent, tapping to floor (25)
    • Bicycle - laying on back, knees bent, extend each leg (low to ground) alternately (25)
    • "Holy Crap" (My nickname!) - Lay on back, legs up in the air, raise hips up (1/2" -1" - not very far) (25)
    • Modified planks - on forearms and knees, pulling in stomach (2) - 30 seconds each
  • Free weights - I do 2 sets of each
    • Straight arm raise (out to side) 10lb dumbbell  (15)
    • Bicep Curls 12lb dumbbell (15)
    • Tricep Extension - grab dumbbell with both hands behind head/neck and raise up/down. 5lb (15)
    • Tricep Extension #2 - 7.5 dumbbell. Arm at side, push back (15)
    • Lower back/quad/hamstrings work. 15lb dumbbell, knees shoulder width apart, bend over, sticking butt out, push down heels and stand up, squeezing glutes. 1 set of 15. Next, same thing, but push down with toes. 1 set of 15
  • Legs - weight machines
    • Curls - 40lbs. Laying on stomach, kicking calves up, feet flexed. 2 sets of 15
    • Leg Press - 120lb, 160lb, 180lb - 1 set of 15 per weight
  • Arms - weight machines
    • Pull downs - 60lb - seated leaning back, pulling all the way down to chest, extending back. 2 reps of 15
    • Other pull downs - 40lb - standing, pull bar down as far as it will go, with arms at side, pull up, and back down, arms never leaving side (works triceps) 2 sets of 15
    • Chest Press 60 lb - seated - pressing out - 2 sets of 15
And then I die a little. I usually up my weights, or reps every few weeks. Right now I'm pretty comfortable, but not too comfortable with the weights. I think I'm going to ask to up to 3 sets of each. we'll see.

Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (or Sunday) is doing the Couch to 5k Program.... I'll write more about that later.

So that's my workout ...for now. I should add - I do core work daily now, at home (reminds me, I need a mat!) So I pick a few of the core exercises above and do them, trying to alternate upper and lower abs day to day. I need to get some dumbbells for the house too to work on my arms more. I'm Wii Boxing a lot - between that and the ab workout - I feel pretty accomplished daily!

 Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul I want to get lost in your rock and roll and drift away. 

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  1. I love that song. Thanks for posting this. It is most helpful. Keep up the good work. Molly, I'm sure will be a big help while I'm doing these exercises.