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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Play On

"Play On" - Carrie Underwood

What you're gonna do when the show is over.  What you're gonna sing when the the song ends. How you're gonna cope when there is no closure. Where you're gonna reach when the goal gets higher. How you're gonna make it through when you think you lost your chance. Play on when you're losing the game. Play on 'cause you're gonna make mistakes. It's always worth the sacrifice, even when you think you're wrong, so play on.

So lets start with some cold hard numbers. 2 months. 3ish weeks "off time" for travel etc. 15 pounds lost. 9" lost (probably closer to 10 or 11, but I mis-measured on the 1st time a couple of places).... I did a weigh-in yesterday so I knew what that was, and I was excited. Today I decided to do my measurements, and was adding up the totals and subtracting...and doing it a few more times. My new motivation... is 15# and 9". There have been a lot of days I just didn't want to go to the gym, to get out of bed, to do any work...to do anything, but now more than ever, I'm motivated.

Today was a cardio day. In light of gearing up for running (really, running, ugh!), I decided I need to do some endurance training so I don't die on the track. I have been reading up on various treadmill work outs and found out that one of the "Biggest Loser" workouts (Love that show BTW), is to start out at the highest incline the treadmill will go (in my case 15%) at a slow pace (I started a bit too fast and almost died). Since I was doing a 30 min work out, every 2 mins I decreased my incline and upped my speed. What a workout! I LOVE IT!!!! On my weight training days, I'll still do this - and eventually I'd like to do 30 mins on weight days and 45-60 on cardio days. Try it if you have a treadmill - you'll thank me!!

Today was also Day 1 of the Oh Yeah! Vanilla Creme protein shake for breakfast. It's ok. Still too milky for my taste, but it's only 8oz, so I can swig it down pretty quickly. I'm struggling to hit 1500 calories most days, and eating breakfast has always been a struggle. Well, at least 1st thing in the morning. So we decided that I'd try protein shakes as a replacement. I'm exploring some other protein options (including Nectar - fruit flavored ones you can add to Crystal Light or water), so we'll see what the final verdict is. Still didn't hit 1500 calories today - but I'm not hungry. The more I work out, the less I want to eat. And my metabolism seems to be increasing. I find myself having to force down almonds and cashews for more calories.

I got a little excited today thinking about the running regimen today. But realize I need to buy a runners watch for pace etc, an arm band for my ipod, and goodness knows how many pair of sneakers I'll go through. I realized after my trainer said something about disturbing comfort zones - that's exactly what I'm doing, and I LOVE it.

This journey hasn't been easy - I've wanted to give up and give in. I still don't know what my 5 year plan is (What a stupid question!) but I know it involves a new love of exercise, possibly a new love of running, and a new love of me. I still can't believe this is the journey I'm on some days, but I wouldn't change it for the world.

Play on when you're losing the game. Play on 'cause you're gonna make mistakes. It's always worth the sacrifice, even when you think you're wrong, so play on. Here's to being wrong, making mistakes and knowing that the sacrifice IS worth it... I'm playing on.

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  1. You go, Girl! Keep up the great work. (I'm trying your treadmill routine.) Love you! Mom