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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello World

Hello World - Lady Antebellum
Hello world. How've you been? Good to see you, my old friend. Sometimes I feel as cold as steel and broken like I'm never going to heal. I see a light, a little grace, a little faith unfurled. Hello world

It's been a while ... oops. Life got in the way, no excuses though. I've gotten a lot of "so uh, are you going to update" comments... so here it is! I promise to be better! Some days it's hard to think of what to write!

Last night was Day 2 back at the gym after a little more than a week off. Back to the routine was so nice. I missed it. I've decided not to do any measurements for another week plus since I took that week off. I may wait until the 2 month mark. We'll see.

Why did I take over a week off? My last 2 weeks looked like this: Friend in town for the weekend, beach fun, Dallas for 2 (long) days for work, home, pack and to Pink Hill, NC for the long 4th weekend with another friend. Busy busy busy. And tiring. Who knew though that relaxing in NC not having to do much of anything (meals cooked for you, waking up on your own time, going to bed early) could be SO tiring!! I'm ready for some down time!

A boring update - but I'm formulating some new blog ideas... so not to worry! I'll be back!

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